Friday, June 29, 2018

The work is now complete

The Provincial Council of Alicante has completed the tasks of reordering and updating the Municipal Archive of Bigastro , a project that has involved the organization, analysis, description and classification of 663 files along with about 3,800 computer records.

The work, developed over eight months, has also included the digitization of 8,000 images belonging to the minute books and the installation of 112 linear meters of bookshelves. The oldest documents correspond to the year 1800 and are part of the funds of the Court of Peace and the Book of Records series of the Municipal Board of Health of 1804-1805.

Collaboration with the Town Hall of Bigastro began in 2002, when the first agreement was signed to organize its documentary collections. Since then, a total of 2,065 files have been organized and 6,969 computer records have been made.

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