Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Progress report

I took my drone out for its maiden flight this morning. I am happy to say that all went well. I was able to take off, ascend to about 10m, fly the drone around and land it back safely. 

For the moment, I am flying in "beginner mode" which restricts the height at which I can fly. It also makes the controls a little less responsive and will not allow me to fly unless I have a GPS signal.

There were a few issues though, nothing to do with the drone.

My iPhone 5s is just too small to see properly the settings and where the drone is going. Even if it was larger though, the glare of the sun on the screen combined with my glasses which darken in the sun made it very difficult to see.

I bought a landing mat to ensure that the drone came down on something soft. However, as the drone came down, the wind from the propellers moved the mat away DOH!!

I've got a support for my iPad coming along with a sunshade for it. That should mean I will be able to see what the camera is looking at and view the map which shows where the drone is currently positioned. Looking forward to my next flight once those items have arrived.


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Anonymous said...

I am a sometimes reader of your blog and often find it interesting and informative. I have never until now thought it my business to comment on your views and interests. However on this occasion I feel that I must.

I object very strongly to your plans for flying a drone over neighbouring properties including my own, with a view to taking aerial photographs of private areas without the owner's permission. I can conceive of no plausible reason for your project other than an inappropriate interest in matters that are none of your business. You have in your blog already cited two excellent reasons that should have dissuaded you from attempting to snoop and spy on your neighbours, namely as a pretext for taking photographs of women in various states of undress or for the discovery of activities that do not meet with your personal approval. I will add another: in the interests of good neighbourliness, and sensitivity towards the privacy of your neighbours and the harmony of our urbanisation. It would be most unfortunate if you were to be denounced, however erroneously, as a Peeping Tom or burglar scouting out the lie of the land. Please do yourself and everyone else a favour and desist.


Robin Preece