Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Another front cover

I was delighted to find that, yet again, one of my photos has been used for the front cover of the Fiesta brochure.

Last year, I was only able to take pictures on occasions when Pam and I were not involved as 3rd Age King and Queen. Still there are a handful of my photos from previous years inside the book.

Apart from the Coronation, when Pam and I will be back on the stage, I will be back in action with my cameras.

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Unknown said...

Hi Keith, came across your blog for the first time whilst trying to find the programme for the Fiesta in Bigastro. Do you have a programme and if so, can you photograph the programme & email it please?

You visit a lot of great events which I put on my EuroTourGuide Calendar!! I'm always looking for a photo of the week for my facebook page, so if you want to email me any photos or give me permission to take them from your blg, that would be great.

Many thanks, Jessica Hayes