Friday, July 20, 2018


We understand that the French would like to see one of their countrymen win the Tour de France but for the moment it ain't going to happen.

They did seem to warm to Wiggo as he worked his way to victory in 2012 but for whatever reason they have not taken to Chris Froome at all.

At the ceremony when the teams were introduced, Sky were booed. Yesterday, Froome and Thomas were booed on the way up Alp d'huez. Worse than that, one of the spectators reached out to hit Chris Froome which could have caused a nasty accident. There are also reports of people spitting at him.

When Geraint Thomas took to the podium, as both winner of the stage and holder of the yellow jersey, the crowd booed again.

Did we boo when the French team won the World Cup and we came fourth? No. So why boo when the talented riders of Sky beat the French teams on the Tour de France?

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