Wednesday, July 04, 2018


We watched the game last night between England and Columbia. At times it barely resembled football, it was more like war.

Sadly, the referee failed to stamp his authority early on so the Columbians took it upon themselves to surround him and argue every decision. Then the England players, at first composed and disciplined, decided to join in.

The Columbians also indulged in grappling throughout and even saw one of their coaching staff give Raheem Sterling a deliberate and totally unnecessary nudge as he came off at half-time. Then there was the deliberate head butt on Henderson that the ref failed to see.

There was another element of dirty tricks when Harry Kane waited four minutes to take his penalty, Colombia's Johan Mojica scuffing up the penalty spot amid scenes close to anarchy as others tried to get inside the England captain's head.

I don't have the match statistics to show how many yellow cards were handed out, more than I have ever seen at a game before.

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