Sunday, January 03, 2021

Feel the love

 Following in her parent's footsteps, our eldest daughter is a teacher - in her case Nursery. She also happens to be the Union Rep for her school. 

Her school is due to open its doors for the Spring Term tomorrow but her Union instructs Jemma and her colleagues to exercise their right not to work in an unsafe environment. 

Like London, the Midlands is in Tier 4, an area where infection rates are high and tough restrictions are in place. Gavin Williamson  first delayed the start of term for Primary Schools in certain boroughs of London and then, in a characteristic U turn, closed them all.  

However,  no such decision was made for Primary Schools in other Tier 4 areas. Johnson says he is confident that schools are safe places for children and staff. In that case, why are all schools in London closed and why not in other areas?

As one reader of the Independent writes:

Yet another huge mistake by the totally failed, totally incompetent, totally unfit for purpose, lying, cheating, fraudulent, morally and economically bankrupt, Gavin Williamson. Who has a track record of saying one thing one day and the next day doing a pathetic u turn the next. 

It also gives the electorate further evidence that Bunter De Pfeffel Buffoon and his rabid cabal of jingoistic incompetents decision making is not and never has been lead by and based on the advice of their scientific advisors on the SAGE committee.

Williamson, who unfortunately shares my surname, should have been sacked after the exam fiasco but,  like many of Johnson's cabinet, he was forgiven for making mistakes.

What to do?  It would be highly irresponsible to allow parents to bring their children to school tomorrow only for the Headteacher to turn them away. In spite of comments by some readers of right wing newspapers, teachers are not all left wing, lazy, uncaring snowflakes. Most are hard working, dedicated professionals for whom teaching is a vocation. 

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vv said...

Brilliant quote from the 'Independent', Keith.

Our second daughter teaches in an inner city primary school in Southampton and she is the same position as your daughter.

The virus is out of control here and the blame is at Johnson's door for being too cavalier at the outset, delaying decisions and ignoring advice from the scientists.

Meanwhile, the entitled Stanley Johnson, has applied for French citizenship in an attempt to preserve his freedom of movement within the EU. The rest of us, though, are expected to 'lump it'.