Saturday, January 02, 2021

The "me" generation

 It is true that there has always been a gap between the young and old generations but today it seems wider than ever. 

I read this morning about an illegal rave in France with 2,500 partygoers. It started on Thursday and is still going on.  Attendees clashed with police, setting fire to a car and throwing objects at officers attempting to shut the event down. 

No doubt, this was not the only rave that took place over the festive season and it is likely that France was not the only country facing this problem. 

Once it became clear that younger people would be the ones least affected by coronavirus, many have decided that the strict rules meant to curb transmission do not apply to them. It is their right to go out and enjoy themselves whatever the consequences may be for others.  Look at the graph below that shows infections in Spain and you can see which age groups are most at risk 20 - 59 with the 40 - 49s showing the largest numbers. 

Whilst the young may survive an infection with few problems, the older,  more vulnerable, will not as the second graph shows. 

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