Monday, January 11, 2021

We shouldn't need to be told

 The message worldwide has been clear since last March - the only way to halt this virus is to stop its transmission. That means only making necessary social contacts and keeping a safe distance when you do come into contact with others. It isn't rocket science. The fact that you do not have symptoms does not mean you are not infected and if you are infected then for sure you are passing it on to everyone  else you are in contact with.  

In the first months, people were very wary. They would queue outside shops, only enter when numbers were low and avoid others by choosing empty aisles. Although going out for exercise was encouraged, people chose to either exercise in their own garden or locally. 

As summer came, people felt emboldened. Beaches in England were crowded as were bars that offered take way drinks. There was even a Government scheme to encourage people to eat out. 

Then the Universities opened and new students crowded the streets of cities eager to get their "fresher" experience. Social distancing went out the window. 

The scientists then warned of a second wave but people didn't believe them. By this stage, they had been peddled so many lies and seen so many U turns on policy. 

In Britain, they were first told that it would all be over in 12 weeks, then it would be over by Christmas and by the way, families could mix freely for five days over the Christmas period. 

Now Britain is in crisis. Hospitals are full, ambulances wait outside with patients that need urgent care. The death toll is frightening. By now, most people will know of at least one person who has suffered with Covid and sadly too many will know of someone who has died. 

In response, more and more restrictions have been imposed but large numbers have decided to ignore them. The police have been criticised for being heavy handed with fines but that are they meant to do when people refuse to accept that they are in the wrong and comply? 

Over the weekend, locals here flocked to the interior of Alicante to see the snow. The roads were dangerous, some were blocked and they risked spreading more Covid to innocent people. What were they thinking of?

In truth, we should not need fines and  enforcements, common sense should tell people that the only way to stay safe and keep other safe is to follow the rules - Stay at home, protect the Health Service and save lives - maintain a social distance from others and if you can't at least wear a mask. By all means take exercise but stay local.  Let's not pretend that, now there is a vaccine on the way, all will be well - that is for the future. 


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