Sunday, February 07, 2021

The promised levelling up!

Johnson and Hancock are gloating over the success of the vaccination rollout in the UK. Quite rightly, since 10.5 million have received their first dose and it looks possible that the target of 13.9 million by the middle of the month may be achieved. 

However, whether you have been given the first jab depends on where you live. No surprise that London leads the way by a wide margin. 


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vv said...

Hi Keith

Your map is an interesting comment on the vaccination programme in the UK. Yes, they are gloating and telling us all that the UK is ahead of the race because of Brexit, which is another lie. There is nothing in EU regulations that says a member state is not allowed to make its own procurement arrangements.

For once Johnson used the powers of state finance, taking a chance that a vaccine which worked could be produced and also they have used the excellence of the NHS with its tradition of serving the public to organise the roll out. Had they not been able to produce an effective vaccine then the state would have absorbed the financial hit. Also, think of the mess if the privatised chumocracy had been involved!

We had our first jab last Thursday at our local surgery. Pfizer.

Hope you and Pam get yours very soon.