Sunday, August 01, 2021

A couple of questions

We had a booking to have a pool rail installed last Tuesday. Then the company phoned on Monday to say they could fit us in that day. We were surprised that they were even working with an orange alert for rain and thunderstorms pretty much all day Monday. 

Then the electricity went off and stayed off. We discovered later that all the way down to Avenida Europa was affected but not the other side of the town. We are used to short power cuts but this was much longer - over seven hours. 

When he arrived, we had to apologise to the technician because even the buzzer from the gate was not working so we had no idea that he was there.  

Our Spanish neighbours didn't know what the issue was with the electricity but assumed it was not simply at the sub station for the estate. 

I wonder, did anyone know what the problem was? 

The other question I'll ask is, "what are your thoughts about the new roundabout at the junction between Avenida Europa and the road to the reservoir?"

I must admit, when I first saw it I thought that lorries, including the nightly refuse collection, would have difficulty negotiating it but the striped bollards are still standing. 

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