Tuesday, August 10, 2021


 Due to Covid restrictions, the cooking competition has been postponed. 

Even without Covid restrictions, I think it was likely  to be a toned down affair.

A few years ago, town hall organised a photographic competition which I entered but unfortunately misunderstood the theme. 

There were only 6 entrants for the contest from a town where there are likely to be many photographers. 

I believe that was because the rules were overly complicated. The photographs had to be a specific size - mounted on foam board which again had to be a specific size and thickness.

In my opinion, the rules for Abuelo Chef were restrictive. Originally it was only  open to grandparents and grandchildren. They would have half an hour to buy the ingredients from a local shop and then two hours to cook the food. They would have gas rings and utensils provided but no oven ruling out anything that would need roasting or baking. 

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