Monday, September 27, 2021

A move towards normality

 Yesterday, I should have been taking photos of the procession of the statue of the Virgin of Bethlehem around the streets. On this occasion, she would have been accompanied by the statue of San Joaquin to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of  its arrival in Bigastro. 

With Covid precautions still in place, that could not take place. Instead, we had the fireworks.

However, by way of compensation, we were treated to a concert by the Manuel Moya Choir in the Auditorium. 

Precautions meant that all those attending had to wear masks, our temperatures were taken and names and phone numbers recorded. 

It was strange to see the choir singing with masks on their faces. 

I did take my sound recorder along but unfortunately, in the dark, I pressed the wrong buttons and made a silent recording from inputs that had nothing attached to them. 


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