Saturday, January 14, 2023

On a positive note

 As I have said, the majority of projects in the town brought huge benefits. 

It is great news that schoolchildren at the Infant School La Paz now have their own  dining room. 

Antonio Meseguer says "they have been works that have involved a great effort, since the administrative procedures external to the City Council were lengthened, and that together with the school management and the parents, the objective set for Bigastro has been achieved".

The dining room which will serve 50 children and cost more than 300,000 euros to build. is now a reality. No longer do children have to transfer to other centres for their lunchtime meals. 

The mayor of Education also says that they will improve the state of the patio and the roofs, mainly to improve the air conditioning and the general well-being of the schoolchildren.

Well done Antonio for all the work you have done to secure funding for this worthwhile project and for the many others that have made great improvements to our town. 

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