Sunday, January 01, 2023

We start with hope

After the Covid years, we'd hoped that 2022 would be much better. 

In many ways it was. We got to see our family at the wedding of Andrew and Farah in Chester, our family came over in August and then our friends Hugh and Angela visited us in September. 

There were however some low points. Pamela was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis which meant we had to cancel our family holiday to Funchal. She then had a week in hospital with pancreatitis which turned out to be caused by a cyst on her pancreas (thankfully benign). 

Tragically, our wonderful neighbour, Eladia, passed away suddenly in November. We miss her dearly especially at times when we would normally be together. 

However, we start the New Year with hope in our hearts that 2023 will bring joy, good health and peace to us and to you all.


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