Wednesday, March 08, 2023

No, no and no!

 It comes as no surprise that Boris Johnson has produced a list of 100 nominations in his resignation honours list, more than any other retiring PM. 

It is inevitable, given Johnson's reputation,  that some of the names on his list will raise eyebrows. None more so than his father, Stanley Johnson who is listed for a knighthood. 

It is not unusual for relatives to be given honours. For example, Margaret Thatcher put her husband Denis forward for a knighthood. 

However, there is a difference between Denis and Stanley. Denis was the rock who stood behind Thatcher. Stanley's sole contribution to his country was siring possibly the worst Prime Minister the country has known. That, along with the allegations that Johnson's father was violent to his former wife, should preclude him from any honour. 

Never mind "f*** business" and "f*** Americans",  let's f*** Johnson's honours list instead.

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vv said...

Spot on Keith!

When Anne Robiison was presenting ‘Countdown’, I was appalled that S Johnson was invited into Dictionary Corner and given the opportunity to praise his son. You could feel that Susie Dench was uncomfortable. I wrote to Channel 4 and told them they had made a huge error in allowing both AR and SJ on to the programme. She was gone within months!
S Johnson supported Brexit and then applied for a French passport. Als broke lockdown rules by flying to his Greek villa to get it ‘ready for the rental season’, but he was there for a holiday in the sun. Horrible man, horrible family who somehow think they are above the law.

Keep up the good work!