Monday, March 13, 2023

Oh dear

 With all the things that are going on in the world, it is unbelievable that so much attention should be given to Gary Lineker's remarks on Twitter. 

He was outspoken and his reference to Germany in the 30s have offended some - particularly right wing members of the Government. 

Let's face it, Braverman has some form on using offensive language to refer to migrants - she previously described them as "invaders". I also do not care for her veiled threat that millions could try to enter the UK if the Government did not take a strong stance. It reminded me of the threat that millions of Turks would come to Britain if the country stayed in the EU. That was not true and neither is it true what Braverman now says. All she is doing is whipping up support amongst  people who believe her populist garbage. 

Of course, the country needs to stop the rubber dingies for the sake of safety to those who use them as a means to get to Britain. Of course there needs to be limits on the numbers that any country can take.. Except of course when Britain needed more workers, they were not only allowed to enter the country, they were encouraged and given a cheap passage. 

Ultimately, Lineker was expressing his own opinion - not the opinion of the BBC. The remarks were made on his personal Twitter account. In the same way Clarkson made comments about Meghan Markle on his own Twitter account. Neither were reflecting the views of the organisations they worked for. A statement  from the BBC to say that Lineker's views were his own and not necessarily those of the Corporation was all that was required. 

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