Saturday, March 04, 2023

This is where the squatters were

This is the house in the Altas de la Pedrera development where the squatters have been.

One neighbour reports that there is a speaker, a sofa, a mattress, a pillow, a toaster, coke bottles and a blanket inside. 

The local police have been around and have left the door open. 

Apparently there have been no confirmed sightings of people entering or leaving the house. However, it is clear from the photo and the evidence of the neighbour that squatters have been there and nothing to suggest that they won't return. 

How difficult is it for the bank, that own the property, to seal it off  securely - making sure nobody is inside of course?

The house is on the corner of  Calle Escocia and Canada Andrea. If I remember correctly it was bought by a lady in a wheelchair who had the steps around the outside of the property replaced with sloping ramps. 

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