Friday, May 26, 2023

Mud slinging

 Mud slinging is an unfortunate feature of pollical campaigns. Mostly it is used when a particular party has little to offer themselves - they resort to slagging off the other parties. The tactic works best if it is employed days before the vote takes place (remember how the disclosure of Hilary Clinton's use of private  emails just days before the Presidential Election in 2016 gave Donald Trump the keys to the White House). 

Just a few days before we vote, the PP (Conservatives) here in Bigastro are complaining that the PSOE (Socialists) are spreading lies in an attempt to make a case against them. Each has taken out a "denuncia" against the other. 

It all centres around postal votes. The Socialists claim there has been an increase in the number of people using a postal vote from 30 to 170. They say this is because the PP are "helping" or even coercing the most vulnerable to vote by post for them. They say that PP Councillors have been seen  accompanying people to the Post Office to make a postal vote in favour of the PP. They have also been seen carrying postal votes made on behalf of people to the Post Office. Of course, if someone offers to help you vote, you will look upon them favourably but the PP say that they have helped people regardless of who they support. Their mantra has always been, who you vote for is your decision  - the important thing is that you vote. 

The people of Bigastro have long memories. They remember how the golden days of the Socialist Councils in the past crumbled and they left the town heavily in debt. 

The diesel generators outside La Paz school and the Sports Centre because the town could not pay its electricity bill were visible evidence of how far the town had fallen. Even if the courts could not find the Socialist Council and the Mayor in particular guilty of corruption, everyone knew of the way things operated in Bigastro. We recall that Joaquin Moya spent 15 months in prison and Raul Valero had to take over as mayor. 

I'd say this latest wheeze by the PSOE could be said to be the kettle calling the pot black. By making these claims, it could all backfire on them - instead of gaining votes, they could end up losing them. Using Trump’s tactics from the 2020 Presidential Election is not a wise move! 

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