Saturday, May 20, 2023

Only the second time

 It is normally hot and sunny for San Isidro. The pilgrims, who walk all the way from the town up to the Hermitage at La Pedrera, often complain about the log hard slog up the hill from the entrance to our estate to the little chapel. 

Today there was quite a strong wind to cool them down and now there is a thunderstorm circling overhead. 

If it is still raining at 8pm, I'm not sure what they will do. I doubt that they will bring the statue back down and risk getting it soaked. AEMET forecast is for the storm to pass by then - we shall see. 

On another note, one of the horses taking part in the romeria, fell just outside the town. Apparently they were were able to get it back on its hooves and it was OK. 

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