Saturday, July 26, 2008

Calling all cooks

Plans are already afoot for our contribution to the "Gastronomic Journey" which will be held at the Plaza de la Concordia on Wednesday 13th August at 2pm.

Our theme for this year will be "cakes and puds" - anything from a butter cream filled sponge to this delicious lime cheesecake or whatever else takes your fancy.


Last year, by working together - each contributing what they could manage - we made a very impressive display with our English buffet. This year we should aim to do as well if not better.

To avoid a table filled with fairy cakes, Sylvia has agreed to co-ordinate our efforts. Just pop round to her house and let her know what you are planning.

PS Those who can't bake could always cheat by buying a box of Mr Kipling's cherry bakewells!


Laura Williamson said...

Is this weight watchers?

Anonymous said...

I suggest if you know how to make houmous homemade!! I missed it!
I know differents recipes from London, I used to work as waitress at the Gallery's Cafe, making everydays different menus. I remember my favorite plate it was "celeriac, onion, cream beaked". ....mmmm

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
I think I forgot to ask u one thing Keith, Do you know Evaristo Moya Moya, he plays golf with Alfredo at Bigastro Golf Society. Well he is my old brother.
I thought maybe you know him.

Anonymous said...

sorry, last comment was mine about my brother...