Saturday, July 26, 2008

Great food and good company

One of our neighbours went to the Galician Seafood event that I mentioned on Wednesday.

Here is what he has to say about it:-

Last night we went to the Galician Seafood event in San Pedro. I don't know if you managed to get there yourselves but we were so pleased to make the effort. We were also pleased to have Spanish friends along with us, the Galician dialect is not the easiest to follow, even for Spaniards living in the South. Just in case you haven't been and fancied going on the last night....the event is being held in what I take to be the main square in San Pedro, (through to the left just after the traffic lights in the centre of town, look for the church). Parking was easy, just off the main road, and two minutes stroll from the cooking tent. Choose you choice of food from the lists on the bar just as you go in (all in Spanish) place your order and pay, in return you get tickets to say what you have ordered, which you then take to the various chefs dotted along the bar, who prepare  your food to order. At the very end position you pick up your drinks and if you haven't done so already, find somewhere to sit and eat, wonderful. The place was very busy but not packed, and I think we might have been the only English people there. We left sometime after midnight, passing through the main square which was heaving with local folks still eating, so we found another option worth exploring.
Its always nice to see so many folk having a really good time without any signs of being worse for wear, loved it, we just hope they have something similar next year, we might just end up going most nights.

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