Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stats return

The eagle eyed ones amongst you will have spotted the item right at the bottom of the sidebar on the left which says Weekly Statistics.

I used to have a free counter via a company called 'Blog Explosion' but that stopped working some time ago. Since then I haven't been able to monitor the visitors to my blog.

Now, courtesy of, I can again see how things are progressing.

When you consider that I started the blog to keep friends in England in touch with our lives, it is amazing to discover that 75% of the visitors in the last week were from Spain. Maybe adding the odd sentence in Spanish is paying off!

Although the vast majority viewed my blog using Internet Explorer 7, I had visitors using a Blackberry and even an iPhone. I can just picture someone in New York on the metro reading about the goings on in Bigastro. Maybe I should send them an "I love Bigastro" cap so they can identify themselves to other commuters.

Wherever you are and for whatever reason you are reading this - thank you. Without you, writing this stuff would be a waste of time.


Pete said...

I love it Keith! I don't read every day, normally dropping in every two or three days to catch up. I feel very well informed about Bigastro which shouldn't be interesting at all to me, yet somehow is oddly compelling. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I love it too! and I love it to read all you write, to be honest I'm not a good reader (I dont like read), but I don't know why...(yes I know...hahaha), I love to read your blog. To me is a pleasure, because is different and honest and I can be informed about the Vega Baja area better than others blogs.
More things... About the t-shirt, I will print on the back "I LOVE BIGASTRO", with I "red heart" BIGASTRO. What do you think?...
Anyway, let us know when you will get the t-shirts and how much is worth?...
Hope we can meet each other for the FIESTA!