Friday, July 18, 2008

PDQ at La Pedrera

José who runs the Albergue at La Pedrera, has tried hard to make a success of the place. He tried Bingo which failed and then booked "Hot Ice", a band that we said we enjoyed. Week after week the number of people dropped. José was spending more on prizes for the raffle than he was taking in. His flamenco night received a lukewarm response.

José then opened a restaurant in the games room which seems to be empty every time we visit the place. However, he must have though he was on to a winner with his outdoor entertainment area. The acoustics inside the Albergue are not good and the room has limited capacity, building a stage and bar outside must have seemed the perfect answer.

José booked acts that he thought we would enjoy, acts that he had seen English people enjoy at places on the coast. Unfortunately, José didn't understand that the tastes of people living here are very different to those of folks living on the coastal strip.

When José booked an Abba tribute band he seemed to have got it right. The venue was apparently packed. Unfortunately he managed to upset people living nearby by continuing until 2:30am.

Undaunted José carries on. This Saturday he has booked a band called PDQ who seem to be very popular with the residents here. They play a good mix of old and new pop music that gets people on their toes. Let us hope he has got it right. José has put his heart, soul and a lot of money into the venture - he deserves to succeed.

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