Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

Sometimes I come across "blogs of note" that tickle my fancy. The IKEA hacks was a case in point. The idea that someone should try to make something else out of a lampshade amuses me. The fact that someone dedicates a blog to the process seems to me a little bizarre. It suggests that hacking IKEA items is commonplace. If that was the case, why haven't IKEA thought of it?

Anyway I came across another blog that I like even better.

It is hard enough to sell your house even when it is picture perfect. Using wide angle lenses to make rooms look larger, re-arranging furniture to give the appearance of space are common tricks used to help get visitors through the door.

It seems that not everyone though takes this approach. We've seen photos of houses here in Spain where the sellers haven't bothered to clear the dishes away in the kitchen or where there is washing drying in the lounge. No big deal you might argue but it does say something about how serious the owners are to sell.

This American blog takes shows photographs from Estate Agents brochures where the sellers have either been severely misguided or are just plain stupid.

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