Thursday, July 31, 2008

Show your loyalty!

Right it is all systems go on the T-shirts.

Bigastro   Fiesta 2 T shirt

       I love Bigasto  T                                              Fiesta T

This is how it works. Email me with the details of your requirements and I will email you back telling you how to pay. Please remember to include your name and address in your email.

I'm sorry but you understand that I must ask for cash before placing any orders.

T-shirts come in S (pequeño) M (mediano) L (grande) XL (extra grande) and XXL (muy grande).

Prices for either T-shirt are 17€ for S, M, L and XL and 20€ for XXL. Delivery is about 7 days.

The few cents margin I have set and any discounts that I get or savings in postage will be passed on to the Fiesta Committee as a donation.

So, the more you buy - the more I donate on your behalf!!

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