Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lending a hand

Yesterday, one of our neighbours called to say he had a problem with his router. Basically it wasn't working!

He wanted to know if he could buy a router from a local shop rather than having to contact Telefoñica for a replacement. I told him that any router should work but would need to be configured properly first. So I sent him an email providing the settings needed to get his new router connected. It was a simple task that took me a matter of minutes.

I'd set up routers for ADSL in the UK and have a spare one here set up for Telefoñica in case I have a problem with mine. The main thing to watch for, apart from getting the username and password right, is to make sure the VPI and VCI numbers are correct otherwise the router won't sync.

I was delighted when my friend returned later in the day to tell me that he'd managed to get back online with a new router and that my email had been most useful. He brought me a bottle of wine to thank me for my trouble. That wasn't necessary because just being able to help was reward enough for me. Still it was a very kind gesture for which I am very grateful.

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