Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A city of contrasts

We've often said Bigastro will be a wonderful place once they have finished it. The same could be said for Orihuela.

There is such a huge contrast between the refurbished areas and some of the housing on the back streets. Buildings that are in a sad state of disrepair are allowed to just crumble and beautiful little gardens nestle alongside piles of rubbish that look as though they've been there for years. Presumably they will tidy the rubbish up mañana.

P1000392 P1000393

P1000396 P1000395

It is one of the things we love about this part of Spain. The old is allowed to exist alongside the new. When there is time and money they may tidy it up.

We think it is sad when old buildings with beautiful original features are knocked down to be replaced with concrete modernity.

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