Monday, July 14, 2008

Fiesta for San Joaquín

La Comisión de Fiestas San Joaquín 2008 y el Ayuntamiento de Bigastro te invitan a disfrutar de las Fiestas Patronales del 9 al 16 de agosto.


The Commision for the Fiesta and the Town Hall in Bigastro invite you to enjoy the fiesta for San Joaquín which this year runs from the 9th to the 16th August.

Apart from supporting Mel and Lilian, who are this year's Third Age King and Queen, we should also  plan for the International Gastronomic event. Last year's English buffet was very well received.

I imagine programmes for the fiesta will soon be available from the second lottery shop on Calle Purisima.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Susana and I'm from Bigastro. To be honest I've got to say that I like very much your blog. I discovered it a week ago and its very good. I was looking for english information about my hometown to explain my friends in UK and I think your blog is the most complete diary about Bigastro I've seen.
I'm glad to know that the british community share their opinions and participate in Bigastro activities. Also I'm glad that another year the Third Age King and Queen are british, that means they loves the town.

Thanks to keep informing in english language with another point of view of everything.
(Sorry about my english, I'm trying to keep improving it.)
Kind Regards,