Sunday, July 27, 2008

La ley de Costas

La Ley de Costas was passed to protect the diminishing coastline of Spain from further development twenty years ago. In this area the law has had little effect. Construction on the coast has continued. The only effect has been to threaten the homes of thousands of people who for twenty years have lived in uncertainty.

Twenty five houses have been demolished on the playa de Babilonia in Guardamar del Segura. Procedures to demolish these houses began in 1995. The rest will be demolished soon with a few exceptions where the owners have paid for a concession to allow them 30 years grace.

In the area between la Mata and Cabo Cervera in Torrevieja there are 2,600 houses that could be affected but only a dozen are in danger unless the owners apply for the 30 year concession.

Demolition of the new Montegira has been pending since 1995. The Lloyd's Club, which is on the beach, was excluded from public dominion even though it was built after 1988.

The proposed spa at Punta La Víbora that was commissioned by the Torrevieja Council has been in limbo for 20 years.

On the Orihuela costa, houses in the Vistamar urbanisation at Mil Palmeras are in theory covered by the law. Three blocks were demolished, the rest are still occupied.

Last month the bulldozers came to clear the construction of illegal buildings at Torre de la Horadada which had been stopped in the nineties.

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