Saturday, July 19, 2008

Easier access

Pictured here, the Councillor for Social welfare, Mª Carmen Alonso and the President of the Third of Age of Bigastro, Juan Gómez checking out the the new lift that is located in Centro Social Integrado.


The councillor explains that the Social Centre serves all the social associations of the municipality; the Third Age, the Association of Alzheimer Patients and the Association for the Disabled.

This disabled group have been asking for the means to allow them access to the facilities of the centre for some time. The new lift connects the ground floor to the first floor, where there will be workshops and the Assembly hall for cultural activities.

Mª Alonso explains that council has made great efforts to meet the needs of users. First there was the re-modelling and opening of the bar, then the lift and soon construction will begin to provide an approach ramp for handicapped people in the entrance of the building.

Juan Go'mez, President of the Association of the Third Age thanked the councillor for the installation of the lift, adding that “we will forget the dangerous stairs”.

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