Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Telefoñica web site

How hard is it to do anything on the Telefoñica web site?

When we first got the phone I noticed that I wasn't getting a list of incoming numbers. The only calls recorded were my outgoing ones. No problem - just go to the Telefoñica web site and order the service to be activated. It is a free service so you might as well have it. It took three attempts to place the order. On the third attempt, when I did nothing different to the first two, it worked! A neighbour of mine tried at least five times to do the same thing and gave up.

Yesterday we decided that we'd like to change our Domo 1, which is a big clunky looking phone, for the neater Domo 2 that new customers get. No problem; go onto the Telefoñica site and sure enough you can swap your existing phone for a Domo2.

I tried to place an order on my desktop using Firefox. I got to the order form where you have to put in details of your address etc. The form didn't recognise our street name and came up with a pop up box to let me choose the correct address in Bigastro. When I tried to choose the correct one from the list, Firefox crashed. Each time I tried it Firefox crashed.

No matter, I'll try Internet Explorer. Lo and behold that crashed as well. Actually it simply closed itself. Now I hate being beaten so I cleared the private data, set IE and Firefox to allow pop ups and tried again and again and again - to no avail. Whatever I did, I could not complete the order.

This morning, undaunted, I thought I'd try the same thing on my old laptop just in case McAfee or MS Vista was somehow causing the problem by blocking pop ups. When I tried to fill in the form in IE, I just got the spinning wheel so I tried Firefox. Bingo; after three more attempts I was finally able to place an order.

It didn't matter at this point whether I wanted a new phone or not, nor the fact that Telefoñica are charging me 36€ to change the damn thing - I'd solved the problem so I was muy feliz. I just hope it is worth it when the Domo2 arrives!

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Anonymous said...

Don't talk to my mother about Telefonica she has been waiting for "dos Postas" since september and has a weekly phonecall from them to arrange it but nothing ever happens..but you've got to love it, haven't you, otherwise you'd go potty