Monday, July 28, 2008


Saturday evening we decided to eat outside. When the evenings are warm there is nowhere nicer to have your evening meal than the terrace by the pool.

By the time we were finishing our steaks it was starting to go dark. Pam had suggested that we might use the battery powered lamp that sits on the shelf below the barbecue. It wasn't quite dark so I didn't bother. Neither did we light the citronella candles.

What neither of us thought of was to spray ourselves with insect repellent. We bought an expensive one called Halley from the chemists the first year we were here. It's very effective - when you use it!

As dusk settles in, the mosquitoes come out to feed. Sure enough yesterday morning we could feel their bites starting to irritate. By this morning they are starting to itch. It is tempting to scratch them but that only seems to make them itch more.

It would only have taken a couple of minutes to go to the bathroom and spray ourselves.

We have Neosayomol cream to reduce the effects - I think the stuff is out of date though because it isn't working.

So the price we've paid for our lack of thought is a few days of itching. We won't make that mistake again this year.

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Pete said...

I can offer sympathy and a different but unrelated story. I was at Duxford a few weekends back for the Flying Legends airshow. I packed my factor 50, but the forecast was for grey and overcast all day with some showers.

The ACTUAL weather was...grey and overcast with some showers. They were spot on. But despite being rained on in our seats twice, the sun did come out for a solitary 20 minute period, and in that 20 minutes it burnt the HELL out of me!

I sympathise.