Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday

Sir Mick Jagger starts collecting his old age pension today - not that he needs it. Sir Mick is reputed to be worth £225m.


A lot of people would like to know how he keeps going, performing punishing tours with the same level of enthusiasm that he showed when he started out in 1963.

Perhaps it is his philandering that has kept him young. Mick has had two wives, seven children, three grandchildren, and a catalogue of women including the wife of Nicolas Sakorzy. Like Rod Stewart, Mick likes them young - his most recent partner is 29 years his junior.

So many happy returns Mick. Have a great day and don't even think about retiring just yet.

PS There are plenty of folk out here who could do with your pension if you can spare it. A little extra would help offset the poor exchange rate we are suffering at the moment.

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