Friday, July 25, 2008

An end to the confusion

Finding your way around the urbanisations on the Orihuela Cosat should become a whole lot easier. Complaints have been made since 2003 for proper street signs and numbers in the area. Following petitions to the EU Parliament the situation has now been clarified.

Some properties will be renumbered and certain streets, particularly in Los Balcones, may have name changes.

I imagine it will be some time before a definitive map with the correct addresses is published and even longer before the maps for satellite navigators are amended.

and in a related story:-

The town hall of San Fulgencia have attempted to clear up the confusion in La Marina by erecting street signs on new roads. However, they are being thwarted in their efforts by vandals who have already destroyed some of the new signs.

I can see the point of theft, I can understand how some people could be driven to assault but I can't get my head round why people vandalise. What did these people gain by wrecking street signs? It is sad to say but in La Marina it was probably English youths who did the damage.

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