Friday, November 21, 2008

Brit behaving badly

It was 9:30pm in Rojales and the local police were called out to a serious incident in Ciudad Quesada where a 70 year old man had been found under a car with a bloody wound on his head. The front wheel of the car was stuck in the curb so it was impossible to move the man without assistance.

Firemen were called to remove the vehicle. They sent for a crane and an ambulance was called for to take the man to hospital.

The man was transferred to the hospital in Torrevieja where he received emergency treatment. When his wife was questioned by the police, she claimed to know nothing about what had happened.

When the man was questioned the following day, he admitted that he had been drinking heavily and that was the cause of the accident.

So at least six policemen, as many firemen, a crane driver, the ambulance driver, a nurse and doctor in the ambulance along with all the personnel at the hospital were all put out to deal with a drunken Brit. Enough said!

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