Monday, November 24, 2008

Heh ho the wind doth blow

Don't bother telling us about the bad weather in Britain because it isn't too good in Spain at the moment.

In Cantabria they have snow and temperatures of zero centigrade. In Bigastro it's blowing a hoolie!

The last time it blew like this, we had plastic cane fencing along the back and the side of the garden. In spite of the galvanised wire I'd used to fasten it on, the wind was ripping the fencing off the wire meshing. The same type of fencing on the house below was was hardly moving whilst ours was billowing dangerously towards the car.

Once one of the steel poles started bending , we decided enough was enough. So at 9pm, in the tooth of a gale,  we had to go out with a torch and take it all down. That was no mean feat I can tell you. I had to unclip the remaining fastenings and hold the fence at the same time while Pamela directed the torch.

By the morning, when the wind had calmed down, we had hundreds of euros worth of fencing that was only fit for the bin. The houses that were sheltered below us had faired much better -their fences were intact.  I suppose it's the price of living on top of a hill

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