Friday, September 25, 2009

A bit of a mess!

In Bigastro you can’t miss the boards that advertise the work that has been undertaken thanks to the Fondo Estatal para la Inversión Local (FEIL) – Plan E.

Each town in Spain was awarded money to undertake similar projects to those in Bigastro. The aim was to provide local employment and at the same time fund works that will benefit the local communities. There were set criteria for the type of projects and a time scale was set for applications.

It seems that in Torrevieja, due to beauracratic mistakes, five of the six projects that are being carried out are, at the moment, without guaranteed funding. This amounts to 16 million Euros worth of work.

The only project which has guaranteed funding is the work on  lighting at Cabo Cervera, The other projects including the squash courts, the football ground and the rugby pitch are in jeopardy.

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