Thursday, September 03, 2009

They notice more

When you live in a town, the changes that take place kind of grow on you so that after awhile they are hardly noticeable.

When visitors arrive though, these changes are all new to them; the bar that has become a house, the shop that is now a bar and the disused bank that is now a smart looking restaurant. They notice things that have now become familiar.

That was just on Calle Purisima. When we venture further afield, I am sure our visitors will notice much more including the new park and post office and the smart roundabouts that lead into the town.

When you consider that Spain is deep into a period of economic crisis and that construction has slowed down to almost a halt, it is incredible how much has changed here in Bigastro. In the boom years, I imagine that changes occurred to towns on the Vega Baja on almost a weekly basis. It would have been almost impossible to keep up with what was going on then.

At least now, when you get a map of the area and the town plans, they resemble what is actually there.

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