Monday, September 28, 2009

I am trying

When you want to know what the weather is going to be like you go to the most reliable source, the one that has proved to be most accurate in the past. If their prediction doesn’t suit, you go to other sources to try and find a better one. Then you convince yourself that the best forecast you can find might just be the right one.

At the moment I am having great difficulty finding any forecast that suits me.


Judging from the prediction from AEMET, I think we can expect no let up until Wednesday.


Here is Meteo Sam’s take on the weather for today and tomorrow.


I’m not keen on all that thunder and lightening but at least he says it will stop raining.


the BBC predictions for this area are never right so I will ignore that one.


this one from Weather Bug is about the best I can find so we will go with this.

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Petrus said...

Well I think the BBC was correct this time- a friend phoned from Guardamar to say a ' gota fria ' had struck today - lots of heavy rain and flooding.

I must agree though that weather forecasting by the BBC is not always on the ball.