Thursday, September 17, 2009

An English pre-occupation

We thought we might have gotten over our pre-occupation for the weather when we boarded that plane to Spain with one way tickets nearly five years ago. After all , we were swopping wellington boots and overcoats for sandals and t-shirts.

Pam and I had never been to Spain during the winter so we had no idea what to expect. All the sales talk was about the days of sunshine and the summer temperatures. Somehow they seemed to miss out the bit about winter storms, rain and high winds.

Thankfully, common sense had prevailed so we hadn't abandoned the winter coats, scarves and fleeces at the airport as some had. Sensibly, we’d ordered central heating to be installed in our new house.

That first winter we were so grateful that we had made those choices because it was cold – damned cold. There was no snow or ice and the sun did shine a lot but we still needed those thick sweaters and waterproofs and we certainly needed that central heating.

Now, five years on we are well prepared for bad weather. Knowing what to expect, we pack the shorts and t-shirts away and bring the winter clothes to the front of the wardrobe.

This year though, winter seems to have started early. It has literally stuck us like a bolt of lightening.

Normally we would expect to be still basking in warm sunshine until at least the end of October. As the locals point out, no longer do we have four seasons – we have two – winter and summer. So that is it – forget the pool and the sunbeds until next June.

Just to put you in the picture with these photos from the excellent AEMET site.


Just look at that mass of cloud In the middle of the anticyclone. It is lying over the centre of Spain.

You can see it clearly on this infrared picture.



On this one you can see that the mass of cloud is bringing thunderstorms to the middle of the country.

But what of this area?


Hopefully a brighter day for us and a return to normality at least for the next couple of days.

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