Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hot in summer - drowned in autumn

This has been the third hottest summer in the Valencia Region for the last 40 years; only 1994 and 2003 were hotter than this year. Before you get carried away with that information though, you need to realise that the average temperature in August has been one degree higher than the average.

A hot summer with high sea temperatures sparks fears of heavy rain in autumn. Thankfully, experts have calmed fears of torrential downpours this autumn, as at least in the short term ‘we cannot see any serious threats'.

According to spokespeople for the Valencia weather centre, torrential storms - known as the ‘gota fría' - only form when in addition to intense summer heat, the temperature of the sea is also maintained at a high level, plus a mass of cold air forming over the Mediterranean and with the wind blowing from a certain direction with a high humidity level.

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