Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Keeping the town safe

In a meeting with Encarna Llinares, the assistant representative of the Government; the mayor of Bigastro, Raul Valerio Medina said that we did not need a station of the Guardia Civil in the town. The station in nearby Jacarilla has 18 officers who serve the towns of Jacarilla, Bigastro, Benejúzar, the area of San Bartolomé and Las Asomadas already serves the community well. In 2003 there were only eight officers of the Guardia CIvil. The increase in police presence has lead to a decline in crime of 38% – a very creditable and comforting result.

With reference to Bigastro, Linares described the town as “calm”. Linares pointed out that the indices for delinquency for Bigastro are below the levels for the Vega Baja. That is how the mayor and the rest of us want it to stay!

One of the new measures that are being put in place is a police presence at schools when he children leave because that is the time when drug peddling to the young occurs. When I was and Assistant Headteacher at Anfield, we, the members of the Senior Management Team, would stand by the gates of the school every evening as the school closed monitoring what was going on. If necessary we would call for police backup but mostly we would resolve the problems ourselves.

Police told us that our presence at the gates curbed trafficking outside the school. The bad news though was that it simply moved the traffickers a little further afield.

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