Sunday, September 27, 2009

A warm welcome to Steve

I got this email this morning.

Hi Keith...

Just a quick word to say 'thank you' for your excellent blog which, because of the bad weather this morning, I have just been reading.

I arrived in the region three weeks ago from France, where I have been living these past 5+ years, after having sold my home and business and am currently renting a small apartment at Playa Flamenca. Being taken to view a property on Calle Alemania, Bigastro at the beginning of the month I fell in love with the house immediately and made an offer to purchase it the day after. I should be moving to your estate within three weeks or so.

Your Web site has made me look forward to moving into the house even more. The biggest problem will be the disposal of items of furniture (I brought too much down with me!)

I hope that you are feeling much better, after your recent health scare, and I very much look forward to becoming part of your community very shortly.

With best wishes - Steve

Thanks Steve for your comments. I'm glad that reading my blog has encouraged you to want to join our community here in Bigastro. I’m sure you will find your new neighbours, both at Villas Andrea and in the town, very welcoming.

Hopefully the weather will be better on the day of your move.

PS Once you have settled, call in at the Ayuntamiento and register on the padron. You will find it in the main town square next to the church. Whilst you are there, you can pick up a map of Bigastro to help find your way around.

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