Monday, September 21, 2009

Were you there?


The attempt at a Guinness world record for the number of ladies in bikinis on a beach caused a lot of controversy. Various groups described it as offensive to the image of women or chauvinistic.

I doubt whether the comments had any influence on the numbers turning up – the cloudy weather would have more likely been the reason for the failed attempt.

Even though only 200 ladies turned up,  that was 43 more than attended a similar event in the UK. However, the record still stands at 1,923 set in Russia July 2008.

Of course timing is everything. If the organisers had chosen a date in August when the area was thick with visitors and the weather was hot, they might have been more successful.

PS I must point out that the photograph came from the newspaper Infomacíon. I wouldn't want you to think that I would be so voyeuristic as to attend such an event!

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