Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A correction

In one of my posts yesterday, I mentioned a trip to Valencia which included a tour of the Palau de la Generalitat which I translated as the seat of the Catalan Government.

Ramón Grau Martinez, who is a bigastrense living abroad has kindly sent me this email explaining my error.

I contact you regarding your post of the trip to Valencia. During the tour, who visit the “Palacio de la Generalitat”, will not visit the Catalan presidency, will visit the Valencian presidency and government.

There is a difference between the Generalitat of Cataluña and the Generalitat Valenciana.

The different regions in Spain (we call them Comunidades Autonomas, total 17), can be also called with different names, for example the Comunidad Murciana can be also called Region de Murcia, the Comunidad of Andalucía can be also called Junta de Andalucía, etc.

With Cataluña we share the same name, in this case Generalitat, but this is because Generalitat is a catalan name and as you know both languages, Catalan and Valenciano are very similar.

I hope I have explained as I want for you to know a bit more of the Spanish culture.

Many thanks for that. For some reason, the word Generalitat generally translates as the Catalan government; you will probably find that reference in quite a few of my posts. In every case, I now understand that should be the Valencian Autonomous Government which makes more sense.

The keen eyed will have spotted that I even got the building wrong. The one I included is in Barcelona, the trip will of course be visiting the building in Valencia. So, a double whammy both of which I have now corrected.

Again, I am very grateful to Ramón for pointing that out to me.

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