Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stirring up a hornet’s nest

Aurelio Murcia for the PP party in Bigastro has described the meeting between the Mayor and Encarna Llinares as “paripé” meaning it was just a token gesture – a bit of window dressing. He says that this is the first such meeting to be held in 25 years.

You recall that the meeting was about local security in Bigastro and that one of the issues that was discussed was a police presence outside schools. San José de Calasanz was mentioned as one of the places where traffickers were selling drugs at the school gates. Murcia says this has caused a great deal of worry amongst parents who want to know the basis for this assertion. More to the point, if the council knew that this problem existed, the parents want to know why it has not been acted upon before now.

As far as I know, the drug problem exists at the old building where the school used to be rather than the new site. I say this because whenever we went to our Spanish classes, we saw groups congregating outside the old school building. Cars would come and go as people came to buy drugs. The problem for the police is that, if they moved the traffickers on, then the meetings would occur somewhere else. Whilst the police know where the problem is, they can monitor and contain it.

The leader of the PP goes on to ask why the town does not have a plan for emergencies and suggests that the town should employ three more police officers rather than have so many administrative posts in the council.

On a personal note, why does the newspaper Información insist on using such awful pictures of Aurelio Murcia? The one in today's paper of him sat with his mouth agape is hardly the most flattering image of the man.

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