Sunday, September 27, 2009

Many thanks

Thanks go to all those people who telephoned, called round or emailed yesterday to ask about my condition. Your kindness is much appreciated.

As most of you know, I was diagnosed with hypertension in March and put onto tablets to bring my blood pressure down. The tablets have worked well and my bp has dropped to acceptable levels.

However, once I was taking Ixia Plus, I started to get pains in my chest which I imagine were similar to those suffering angina. My doctor sent me to visit a cardiologist in Orihuela who concluded that the pains were a result of cholesterol in my blood and prescribed tablets to reduce it.

Since then the pains in the chest have reduced to almost nothing and I have felt a lot better. I recently went for a colour doppler test which confirmed that I was suffering from hypertension and had light blockage of the arteries; nothing that my doctor wasn't already aware of. My ECGs have all been normal which indicates that there is no damage to the heart.

My blood pressure does vary quite a bit and can drop to low levels on certain days. I generally know when that is the case because I feel light headed when that happens. Drinking copious amounts of water is a quick cure.

Friday I felt fine and enjoyed my meal up at the Pedrera. Of course, fried fish and chips are strictly forbidden on the diet sheet the doctor gave me to help reduce my cholesterol but everyone needs a treat now and then. In my defence, I have stuck to the diet and have lost 8 kilograms of weight as a result. The last time I ate anything as bad for me as fish and chips was March.

The problem for me on Friday was that my blood pressure was obviously low that day. Then, having eaten a large meal, blood would have rushed to my stomach to help digest it reducing the pressure in my arteries further. The brandies that I had wouldn’t have helped either. People who suffer low blood pressure (hypotension) are advised to eat small meals and avoid alcohol. DOH - foolish man I hear you say.

When your blood pressure drops to a level significantly below normal, the blood drains from your head, you faint, the colour goes from your face and organs start to shut down: all of which happened to me on Friday night. The first organs to suffer are usually the kidneys which is why I had pains in my lower back.

So how am I now?

Yesterday, I was tired (not surprising given a lack of sleep) and my blood pressure was still low. On the advice of the lady in the hospital, I didn’t take one of my Ixia Plus tablets which would have reduced the pressure further. Today, I feel a lot better. My blood pressure is back up to normal levels.

I can’t stop taking tablets for blood pressure because if I do It will rise again and I will put myself in danger of a heart attack or stoke. It may be that I need different tablets to the ones I currently take. When I visit my doctor on Monday he will decide on that.

In the meantime I am still here and hope to be for a long time yet. I’ve got a lot to look forward to in life including a grandchild due in February. If for no other reason, I need to be around a lot longer to make sure he or she is kept on track!

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