Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cash King – what an apt name

There is little point in stealing goods unless you have a market for them. That is where Cash King in Torrevieja came in.

The pawn shop on Calle Clemeted Gosalvez , was apparently a fence for items of stolen jewellery which instead of being kept were sent to Germany to be melted down.

When police raided the premises they seized 30 luxury designer watches and hundreds of bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants which were all stolen and are believed to be worth 170,000 euros. Officers also confiscated nearly 8,000 euros in cash.

Most of the jewellery was taken in robberies across the Murcia region, Alicante province and Cataluña.

The police investigation started a few weeks ago when officers discovered the shop had no opening licence. The owners didn’t kept a book to register the jewellery or check for legal origin; nor did they hold on to the jewellery for the compulsory fixed period.

The police say that the owners were 'very keen to get rich' and even advertised their 'instant cash' service on the Internet.

Officers are looking for the owners of the jewellery and residents who have had theirs stolen are asked to call the National Police in Alicante or dial 112 with details.

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