Sunday, September 13, 2009

We can expect rain

Pam had plans for us to go down to Lo Pagan and walk along the beach this afternoon. We’d enjoyed our walk along the beach at La Mata last Sunday with our friends Hugh and Angela and loved getting our feet in the sea.


However, when we watched the weather report on Meteo last night, the forecast is for rain today. In fact the forecast is for rain to continue until Wednesday. So we will have to pack away the sun bed cushions and the sun umbrella and put the cover back on the pool and then see. I doubt if we will be going anywhere near a beach!

Much of the Mediterranean seems to have been battered by heavy rain in the last week, first Turkey and then Greece. The flooding in Istanbul has been devastating.


You can see from the satellite image at 8am this morning that we are going to be suffering from a different weather system to those two countries. This anticyclone is coming from the Atlantic and it is that dense area of cloud passing over Gibraltar that will bring us the rain.

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