Wednesday, September 09, 2009

An unfair contest

The Council were looking for personnel to work in the town's schools including the infant school Bigastrin. An advert was placed on the town web site but Aurelio Murcia for the opposition party  claims that insufficient notice was given to allow people to apply especially since the advert appeared during the period of the fiesta.  Murcia accuses the ruling Socialist party of making it impossible for anyone other than the existing employees to apply for the 30 jobs that were advertised.

It seems that, out of the 80 people who applied, 29 of the 30 successful candidates had already held posts in the schools.

Far be it for me to comment on this but in my experience when people apply for their own jobs, unless there are good reasons not to choose them, they often get re-appointed. Hiring someone whose track record you know is a lot less risky than taking on someone new.

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